6 Easy Tips to Engage Your Blog Visitors

Below is a list of simple tweaks that you can do to your website to engage your visitors:

1) A picture speaks a thousand words: Use pictures throughout your website. They are very appealing, engaging and elicits trust. You can include your picture in the header of your blog, in the sidebar with a short bio and a link to read more about you. Throughout your blog posts, try to include at least 1 picture related to the topic of the post. If you are doing a tutorial post, without video, include photos or screenshots.

2) Call to action: At the end of each post, include a call to action. Guide the reader through your desired next steps. Be sure that the next step keeps the reader in mind. So if your desired next step for the reader is for them to opt-in to your email list, don’t just say, “now, subscribe to my list”. Something along the lines of “If you would like to find out about passive income models for your consulting business, you can download my free report by signing up to my list here


3) Post your picture with a brief bio at the end of each post: Some blog themes allow you to set this up so that your picture automatically appears at the end of each post. Even though, the reader may have already seen your picture in your blog header and sidebar, they sometimes need a reminder. In the event that your blog visitor did not read your ‘about me’ page, this gives them a good summary of what you are all about. So be sure that your bio includes the value that you bring to clients or an achievement-based statement about you or your business.

4) Video: According to 1 bullet point in YouTube’s latest stats, “Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day”. Video is a great marketing tool. Here are 2 tips to incorporate videos on your blog and increase blog visitor engagement.

By Haadi