A casual look at Network Marketing and associated issues.

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, is the business model of profits moving downwards in a stream from the company owner to those who sell the products, either directly or indirectly.

In essence, it is the small companies or individuals who make most of the sales and have all of the contact with customers and do most of the advertising for the products. However,it is the parent company which is responsible for getting the product to the buyer.This tiered structure of network marketing is a business model that is in place for many large companies and is growing more common. Their services and products are advertised by smaller companies and buyers are recruited by them. The smaller companies are a kind of middleman between the client and the parent company, removing a lot of work from the hands of the parent company and hopefully making a decent income for themselves. MLM companies eliminate wholesalers, high cost of advertising, having employees, and they deliver product or service to the end consumer. This greatly reduces the expense of getting the product or service to the marketplace. MLM has paved the way for people to have their own business . MLM has been around for over forty years now and started as a part time business opportunity. However by the mid eighties many people were earning substantial incomes and were beginning to operate their business full time.

Network marketing is not for the persons who easily become tired of waiting. The very nature of this business requires a lot of patience. Network marketing is NOT about taking advantage of your friends and relatives. Only a few years ago, network marketing meant retailing to, and sponsoring people from, your “warm list” of prospects. Network Marketing is a familiar marketing strategy that involves direct recruitment of salespeople, who sell the product and recruit more salespeople,(their downline) building an extensive network. It is similar to other multi-level marketing approaches such as affiliate marketing.

Building an organization must come first.More people fail than succeed by trying to do it the other way around.They try to build the organization by emphasizing selling. It is important point to remember.Your sales must come as the natural result of building an organization.

Network marketing is an excellent way to earn extra money without compromising what you are currently doing.Network marketing is sharing information that results in product sales.

People involve themselves because they want to finally be compensated for what they consider their efforts are really worth. Network Marketing is all a numbers game. By numbers game I mean that the more people you contact or email, the more articles you write, the more videos you post, then the more leads and sales you will receive.

Network Marketing is the actual sale of products, services, or information to others within a cohesive and strongly built team environment. To break it down simply, however, Network Marketing is a process in which you share information while developing contacts. Network marketing is about recruitment because in a way by far the most important thing to do is to build a marketing team . People join your team to learn how they can become successful too.




Network Marketing is a proven business system, which has been in existence since the 1940’s. Income is generated in two ways – through personal sales and bonus earned from team building. Network Marketing is particularly suited to people with family commitments as it offers them an opportunity to start a business on a part time basis with very little capital.

The opportunity now exists for enterprising people to use their talents and skills to build businesses based both on selling and on finding and supporting the efforts of others.

By Haadi