This is a well known fact that the very existence and grandeur is dependent mainly on the mutual cooperative bond of other planets of the solar system. Since it is conjoined to a cycle not only is earth influenced by other planets but that its own state influences it. Today the state of planet earth noted was certainly not so a century back. Previously earth was covered by gigantic areas of lush greenery and foliage everywhere. Despite appearing ‘unpolished’ yet everywhere nature’s beauty radiated everywhere. But later the curse of industrialization snatching away its beauty and pollution free environment rendered it haywire. The toxicity of increasing pollution has not remained limited to earth only but that by piercing earth’s atmospheric layers has rushed into interstellar space too. The other planets of the solar family too are influenced in a subtle manner. Their movement and condition has been affected. Due to interplanetary bond the ecological cycle that had previously functioned in an optimal manner has now become tainted and haywire. The result of this imbalance is being witnessed and perceived as nature’s wrathful calamities in all corners of the globe.

The editor of ‘Plain Truth’ (April 1983) Dr Herbert Armstrong has given details of weather changes in this century. Another scholarly writer Don Taylor writes in it that since industrialization has augmented the world over like weeds the temperature of planet earth’s atmosphere too is increasing. This increase itself is the chief cause of nature’s ire and manifold undesirable weather changes experienced. Even weather scientists accept that in the solar cycle of earth changes taking place in the past decades were never seen before. Sunspots too are being noted these days in greater number. The direct relationship of increasing temperatures on earth is with manifestation of earthquakes and volcanoes. What is noteworthy is that in the past 10 years extraordinary increase in it has been reported.

Don Taylor says that after the year 1980 the number of changes taking place in the world’s weather conditions has previously never been seen in earth’s weather history. The year 1982 is most noteworthy for important changes noted. This scholarly writer by first researching into nature’s havoc noted in various regions of the world has placed forth the essence/gist of his findings as follows:

In Australia for the entire year nature’s wrath manifested as a humungous famine. This country is known to export 45% of its produced goods for a fair number of years but in this year of famine it had to seek aid from other nations and in large amounts had to import food items.

In the southern ocean region where dwells Spill Tonga Island a storm manifested with a speed of 172 km/hour in March. 90% of crop got destroyed and 15% of immovable property, houses, land etc got submerged in the womb of the ocean.

In the biggest regions of China called Hobai and Laoning the largest famine of the 20th century was reported. At that very time wrath of excess flooding seen in another region Shangjhing pushed thousands of people into the jaws of premature death. Millions were rendered homeless and trillions of dollars’ wealth got destroyed.

In Southern China in the end of the year a ferocious flooding witnessed in the Pili River broke all records pertaining to flooding in China. Thousands died and millions became homeless.

Indonesia’s 15,000,000 citizens had to endure the wrath of a famine situation there. Such a gigantic famine had never been noted there for the past 2 centuries.


France’s southern region is well known for its grape crops. 80% of total amount of grapes grown in the world are grown here. But due to the terrible ire of a famine the entire crop got withered whereas in North France in that very time frame highest snowfall of the entire year was noted.

In Italy an abnormal weather change was noted. In the winter season intense heat and since icy pebbles fell on crops at night they got destroyed totally. In Sicily’s capital Palermo and its nearby regions a temperature of 42 degrees centigrade was recorded which for that region is termed an improbable unusual incidence. Such a situation is only noted in earth’s Tropical Regions. In Japan’s Nagasaki River last year a historical flooding was witnessed. After heinous losses noted in Hiroshima due to bomb dropped on it for the 1st time so much more people died and wealth was lost.

By Haadi