Assortments Of Double, A Perfect Blend Of Comfort And Style!

Your bed is perhaps the focal point of your bedroom. Being the destination of restful calm where you tend to forget all your stress and worries and look forward to having a sound sleep. There is no such compulsion that you can buy a double bed only after marriage. Double bed is not just for a couple but a bachelor who is looking forward to seeking extra comfort and space.
Aligned below are few types of double beds that you can choose to double your comfort!

Divan Bed : These beds are divided into two segments. The lower portion of the bed is used for storage and the upper part to sleep. Divan beds are usually crafted with wood for a stronger base. They are the function piece of bedding because of the enormous storage space they provide. They come in an extensive range of designs and styles that can go well with every type of decor. You can buy the one according to your requirements.
Four Poster Bed : These are types of royal bedding that give an ancient feel in the space where it resides. The art lovers would love these types of bed. Earlier they used to be styled traditionally, but nowadays to compliment your contemporary decors their designs have been modified accordingly. A luxurious Four Poster bed is majorly crafted with solid wood, and they also come with few carvings on it, that gives your bedroom an aesthetic appeal.
Canopy Beds : These beds are somewhat similar to poster beds. They have four poles standing on each corner of the bed but, in canopy beds, they are attached with one another from the top so that you drape fabrics like net or chiffon over them. This will entirely cover the bed giving a romantic appeal. They are too large in size so a standard sized bedroom can’t accommodate it.

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Storage Beds : Just as the name suggest these beds come with storage. You can get storage beds in all the sizes from normal double bed to a king size bed. These beds enable you to store all your bedroom essentials in it in an organized manner. Recently a new technology has been launched that makes the access to your double bed’s storage convenient. Hydraulic beds are introduced in which you just have to give the storage part a slight pull, and it will automatically open. With the updated feature, these beds are highly demanded. Some beds also have large drawers that can be pulled out from either side of the bed. They also help in storing most of your essentials.
Air Beds : Air beds are vacuum inflatable beds that assist in getting rid of insomnia, backaches, sleep disorders, depression, mental stress, etc. They are light in weight but the most comfortable pieces of bedding. They have distinctive properties. Initially at the time of their launch, they were very expensive, but now they are available at very reasonable rates that can be easily afforded. Along with having so many benefits, the only drawback of opting this bed is a slightest carelessness, and the air can start to leak out due to a cut. So, take care.
Murphy Beds : They are the folding beds. Those who can’t settle for sofa cum bed can go for this bed. They are the space saver beds and can be best suited for the homes that have space constraint as they help in saving the floor space. Some of the Murphy beds also come with storage cabinets where you can store your primary essentials. So, you can decide accordingly is you have enough storage to store your belongings, or you want some extra.
Platform Beds : These beds provide extra space to your mattress. These beds come with additional wooden panels on the side as a strong base. They are preferred and admired for their simple yet classic feel, that they add to the aura of the room, in which they reside. It also provides space for ventilation to your mattress. They are available in n number of designs and of styles to match every decor. They also come with storage solutions so that you can get your perfect match.
So, before buying beds for home, ensure you are aware of all the pros and cons of different types of beds.

By Haadi