Blog Marketing Strategies That Work

Something that many bloggers do not understand is blog marketing. You need to learn a few online marketing strategies to promote your blog if you are going to operate one that you want to make money with. Let’s discuss a few blog marketing strategies that do work.

1. It is important that you host your own blog. Rather avoid using free blogging platforms such as Blogger if you plan on developing a large blog.

The main reason for this is because free platforms can be cancelled at any time. You will lose all the work that you have put into your blog when this happens.

It is also important that you are able to choose a domain name that relates to the theme of your blog. When you have the word blogspot in the URL you are not able to do this.

2. Make use of a professional template. You have the choice of using a free WordPress template or buying one. There are many professional looking templates that will enhance your credibility.

3. Download and install the Google site map plug-in on your blog. Google will then find it easier to spider your blog which will help it rank better.

4. Use a different targeted keyword phrase for each blog post. This is one of the most important and least followed blog marketing strategies. If you formulate your blog articles around a specific keyword phrase it can help your search engine rankings.

5. Ask for comments. A great thing about blogging is how interactive it is.

You are getting people involved in the discussion when they comment about articles you have written on your blog. This can lead to repeat traffic as well as viral marketing.

By Haadi