Car Inspection: What to Expect

As a car owner, you would know that as per the state laws you need to get them inspected. When it comes to car inspection, different states have different laws. If you are a resident of Virginia for example, you need to get your automobile inspected once every year. If your car is from a different state and has been inspected there already, that inspection holds till its expiry. Only then do you need to get a fresh Virginia auto inspection done.

When it comes to auto inspection, you need to be sure you can trust the agency to perform a thorough evaluation. The results of this inspection would carry your car all through next year. So, choose the auto service agency for the car inspection with great care. A good idea is to ask your neighbors in Virginia which outfits they would recommend for the inspection.

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When it comes to inspection, getting an experienced auto service agency to do it would mean you stay covered for the rest of the year. Here are some of the services that a quality agency performs as a part of the mandatory car inspection regulations:

Brake inspection: The brakes of your car, including the parking brakes would be checked to see if they are in good condition. The agency would also check the fluid levels at the same time.

Lights: Having the lights checked is critical not only for your safety, but for that of other vehicles on the road. The Virginia car inspection regulations mandate that the beam indicator and the headlights are to be checked to ensure they function properly.

The other car lights are also checked to see if they are in proper condition. At this time, the agency would also check your fog and driving lamps and see if they are aiming properly. A quality agency tests your car lights for their illumination capacity, color, and lens.

Steering: Everything, from the ball joints, to the kingpins, to the bushings are checked as a part of the car inspection program. The auto service agency also notes if the wheel and axle are aligned in the correct manner, and whether the shock absorbers are in place.

By Haadi