Checking Most Flexible Options in Magazine Apps for iPad

The highly flexible customization options in the Magazine Apps for iPad allow the publisher to set the page formatting in a highly attractive manner. In fact, you can set the looks of your digital publication just like a real print magazine, complete with the realistic simulation of dragging the pages to turn them. This brand new way to publish online is rapidly becoming popular worldwide with millions of publishers already using them. They do not replace the PDF e-books, but rather improve them to something totally different! In any case, you will have to have the files ready in the PDF format to make them ready in the digital format. Check out the FREE Trial run of the software if you have the PDF file ready to upload. Proceed with a paid subscription once you like what you see. Paid plans are very convenient and the investment is totally worth the multiple benefits of publishing the e-magazine instead of the e-book. Reaching The Widest ReadershipMulti-platform compatibility allows the publisher to access an optimized readership. You not only approach the readers on iPad, but also on all kinds of Android devices.

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The responsive design benefit of this interesting way to publish online ensures that your publication is auto-compatible with the viewing media chosen by the user. In other words, the magazine fits in automatically with the unique resolution of all the different devices people use to access the internet. The user may be seeing the mag in an iPad or iPhone or in a desktop or laptop, the experience is always super rich and interesting. If you can maintain the best content quality, a high retention rate is almost guaranteed! The attractive experience is far better than the conventional academic format of a PDF file. All PDF files appear exactly the same in their homogenous looks adding no extra encouragement to choose one document over another. With the Magazine Apps for iPad, the publication can be customized effectively with rich media elements delivering a more meaningful user experience. Other features of the digital magazine app help you to retain your readers. Enable social media sharing to connect at a deeper, personal level with the user. Set up subscription based systems for lead generation and study the rich analytics to improve your content quality depending on positive and negative feedbacks. The dynamic web pages also allow the reader to interact directly with the publisher. The perfect alchemy of a good blogging platform and a content rich dynamic webpage (simulated like a print magazine) ensure your readers expecting the next issue of the subscription. Manage User ActionThe admin panel entails all the features required to manage user action at a granular level. User interaction on the platform can be modulated on different key aspects such as imposing limitations on the number of devices or leading the user to provide a captcha verification to access the Magazine Apps for iPad. Many publishers simultaneously publish over digital and print media. This is an ideal app for any such requirement. It successfully presents your digital publication to raise interest for the print version.

By Haadi