Creative Garage Storage Solutions

Garage storage solutions usually come packaged in some pretty plain colors. I mean, everyone gets it that shelves are a good idea; but that’s so drab. Everyone also gets it that cabinets are good – can someone please pass me the Nodoz. I am not suggesting that shelves and cabinets don’t have a place in solving your storage problems. I am just saying that we can all go beyond these basics. Let’s take a look at some creative ways to store things in your garage that go beyond shelves and cabinets.

One of the coolest creative garage storage solutions I have seen utilizes the space overhead. If you think about it, we all tend to use floor space without a second thought. We even lift things up just a bit when we start setting things on a bench or on a shelf. Those things help, but it’s time to think just a bit higher. There is space above to spare. How about overhead storage racks that attach right to the rafters of your garage? Have you seen these things? You simply screw some tracks into the wooden rafters above and slide on some plastic bins. Viola! There you have it, an overhead storage solution for your garage. This allows you to put all those things up out of the way that are hardly ever accessed. Things like holiday decorations, lights and such.

One of the on going problems with not implementing the right garage storage solutions is that when things get cluttered along the outside edge of the garage, there is absolutely no place to store things that really need storing. It is obvious that you should get rid of the things that you never use or access. Be gone with such rabble. Once this is done you are in a position to truly appreciate and utilize the next several creative garage storage solutions, i.e., bins and racks.

Turns out there are actually bins designed for storing sports balls, roller blades, rackets, baseball gloves, and many other things that typically get tossed on the floor or lost in a pile somewhere. Most of these are attractive powder coated metal bins that are easily adjustable for where you want to install them on the wall. Some even have integral hanging racks with different attachment point options. This is a nice feature because while one height might be good for the adults in the family, it will be completely unworkable for the shorter folks. Anytime you can get adjustable garage storage solutions, that is a good thing. The kids will thank you. And, if you think about it, it’ll actually save you time and effort as well because you won’t always have to be running out to the garage to hand things down to the kids when they need them.

As for racks, these are real things of beauty. Garage storage solutions have to take care of the things in life that don’t stack or store away in bins easily. These are things like bikes and fishing rods and reels. Have you noticed how frustrating it is to try to lean a fishing pole against the wall? They always tip over against the ones next to it and turn into a mangled mess. Racks designed for storing fishing gear are a real life saver. Bike racks are made that allow storage against the wall, or lifted up into the space above. Whatever you do, be creative with garage storage solutions and you will be forever glad you did.

By Haadi