Croatia’s Cutting Edge: Design Hotels You’ll Fall in Love With

Going on holiday is the perfect opportunity to check into an extravagant hotel and call a place of incredible design home for a period of time. You can immerse yourself in wonderful architecture and admire very intricate detail when you check into a design hotel.

Holidays to Croatia will be much improved by planning a once-in-a-lifetime stay in either of these fabulous hotels, which showcase the very best in Croatian design without compromising on luxury facilities.

Hotel Lone, Rovinj

Hotel Lone was designed by the highly-renowned architectural firm 3LHD, who unleashed this fantastic accommodation to rave reviews back in 2011. Big and bold, this hotel is perfect for those who like stylish statement buildings with a little luxury.

The hotel is located on a hillside facing the Adriatic and encircled by ancient woodland, helping to create a magical and immersive atmosphere in and around the building. The interior is clearly influenced by its natural surroundings, as a peaceful ambience is created through water pools, charcoal walls and pale stone floors.

Hotel Lone is an example of brilliant design, but it is also very family friendly and this makes it a great choice for parents looking for style, comfort and a kid-friendly atmosphere.


There are three onsite restaurants, each with their own distinctive style and cuisine. You can enjoy à la carte dining of global cuisine in Restaurant L, which has a wonderful outdoor area that offers superb views of the natural surroundings. Breakfast and dinner (served and buffet) are available in Restaurant ON, which is the main dining area and somewhere that previous guests have stated has an excellent kids menu. Finally, Restaurant E is the more exclusive seafood restaurant with just 40 seats, so head here for an intimate and cosy meal. They serve fantastic authentic Japanese sushi three nights of the week, which is a must try for fans of seafood.


Hotel Lone’s spa is state-of-the-art and you are able to completely unwind and recharge your batteries each day in their superb facilities. These include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna and whirlpool rooms, a range of indulgent body treatments and a separate pool for kids.

Design Hotel Navis, Opatija

The modern and stylish Hotel Navis adopts a modern style that is a strong statement amongst the neighbouring lavish Austro-Hungarian hotels. The hotel benefits greatly from its incredible waterfront location, which clearly influences the interior where you will find nautical miles on each room, dark blue corridors and balconies that use a fishing net theme.

By Haadi