Demand Generation Funnel: How to Create and Optimize Your Own


A demand generation funnel is a template that prospective customers will follow as they go through the different stages of their journey. The purpose of each stage of this funnel is to provide potential buyers with the information and experiences they need to move forward and make a purchase.

It’s important to adopt the right demand generation strategy to target the right prospective customers, achieve conversion rates for your leads, and generate revenue.
What Is Demand Generation?

It refers to the different activities you engage in to
generate interest in the products and services you offer. It’s a holistic marketing strategy since you’re working with multiple channels for lead gen and focusing on the entire customer lifecycle.

There are different frameworks marketers can use to map the customer journey, such as the sales or map. With demand generation campaigns, you’re focusing on the activities that generate awareness for what you offer and create a need for this product or service.
Demand Generation Vs. Lead Generation:

By Haadi