Development of cold-rolled cold drawn tubes production process and modification procedures

American Refrigeration Company

The United States Cold Storage Company (USCS) is one of the five largest public cold storage companies in the United States. After the company was acquired by John Swire & Sons Inc. in 1982,The Future Development Trend of U.S. Cold Chain Articles its facilities have increased to 35, and its cold storage capacity has increased to 149 million cubic feet. USCS currently employs approximately 1,400 employees. The company provides regional and national distribution services in different locations in nine states. The company has currently expanded to 205 million cubic feet of storage space, becoming the fourth largest cold storage in the world.


CR-England Logistics, as the largest temperature-controlled truck refrigeration transportation company in the United States with a history of 89 years, CR England provides customers with various professional logistics and transportation services. CR England, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, has been leading the American temperature-controlled trucking industry with its excellent reputation and high-quality service since 1957, and it has continued to this day. Beginning in the mid-1980s, the company began a major industrial transformation, expanding from providing customers with temperature-controlled truck transportation services to a full range of international logistics services. Today, the two main branches of CR England-England National and England Global Logistics can provide customers with a full set of third-party logistics services in addition to traditional trucking, including international freight forwarding services with Asia .


AbleFreight exports 60,000 tons of cargo by air every year. It is one of the most active freight forwarders in the United States, with import and export business accounting for more than 60% of the total business. Provide temperature control to transport fresh produce (including fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, fresh flowers and dried flowers) as well as medicines and electronic accessories. It is the largest grower and agent of fruits and agricultural products in many countries, including the US government, which is AbleFreight’s customers. AbleFreight’s warehouse is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is equipped with moisturizing refrigerators, pre-coolers and truck chillers that maintain different temperatures. From receipt to delivery of goods, they are transported by refrigerated trucks to ensure the continuity of the refrigerated refrigeration chain. Use high-quality insulation, cold gel bags and dry ice to ensure that the goods reach their destination in the best condition. At the same time, special services such as pre-refrigeration, re-freezing, quality inspection and re-sorting are also provided.


Pfice Cold Storage is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Pfice has more than 20 years of experience in cold storage operations. It mainly chooses to develop, design and operate the world’s cutting-edge and standardized cold storage in large cities and major port areas. Provide efficient, convenient, and highly value-added frozen storage services, firmly occupy the high-end market of frozen storage, especially the seafood frozen storage market. As one of the largest companies in the global food temperature-controlled warehousing industry, Pfeisi has designed, built and operated 27 advanced cold storage in the United States, and gradually tried global cold chain service operations in Asia, Africa and South America.

Second, the characteristics of the cold chain logistics industry in the United States

Huge transportation network Cold chain logistics not only requires temperature, but also time. The complete and convenient transportation network in the United States is an important reason for the development of cold chain logisticsin the United States. Products and services related to the transportation industry account for about 3% of the total economy of the United States, absorbing 1/8 of the employment, which shows that the transportation industry is involved in a wide range. Compared with other Western countries, the development of the automobile industry in the United States is quite early, and the development of many cities in the United States has considered in advance the design of matching cities and residential areas with road networks. In order to connect the vast land, the United States has designed and built high-capacity and high-speed highways. The national transportation system of the United States mainly relies on these highway networks. The most important of these is the construction of the interstate highway system. Relying on these criss-cross highway networks, domestic cold chain transportation is mainly completed by container trucks, which can be delivered within 24 hours within 1,000 kilometers. Among them, the inland river (lake) railway is mainly responsible for the transportation of bulk cargo. There are also public transportation systems in large cities, and regional rail and bus networks extend to Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, making them one of the largest transportation networks in the world. In addition to roads, the United States has built a transcontinental railroad network to carry goods between 48 states. American cold chain logistics is currently vigorously developing temperature-controlled containers for trains, which is also based on considering the advantages of the railway network. The rail network built by Amtrak traverses 46 of the 48 states and is dedicated to passenger transportation. According to 2007 data, the total length of railroads in the United States is 226,427 kilometers.

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