Enterprise 21 ERP Software Offers 1300 views with Decision Support System

According to Rebecca Gill, Vice-President with Technology Group International, “Because of its design, Enterprise DSS provides unmatched ease of use. Users simply chose from a list of filters (data selection criteria) base upon organizational, product, customer, geography, or time and then “drag” the appropriate filter combinations onto the desired report,” Gill notes that, “TGI closes the loop on information delivery with Enterprise DSS. Enterprise DSS is a Decision Support System that is integrated with TGI’s Enterprise 21 ERP software package.”

Enterprise DSS provides over 1300 views into the Enterprise 21 data. The information is presented in various chart and columnar formatted “views”.

Enterprise DSS runs in a windows compliant graphical, client-server environment, and consists of three primary components:

A Data Warehouse, which is seamlessly integrated into the Enterprise 21 ERP software system
A Metadata (or data about data) interface which acts as the link from the warehouse and the conceptual business framework to the DSS application
A powerful Windows compliant DSS engine
By clicking on the output format icon, the user can easily control the format in which data are presented. Data can be viewed in graphical, chart, map, or alert (management by exception reporting) presentations methodologies. Data are easily exported to a variety of Windows-compliant word processing and spreadsheet packages. Enterprise DSS offers sophisticated drill-down, alert, and report stacking functionality. The client organization’s product, organizational, and marketing structures are automatically embedded into Enterprise DSS, offering a tailored, ready-to-use Decision Support System. Unlike traditional Executive Information Systems, Enterprise DSS is geared towards providing information to multiple management levels and insures that user’s at all organizational levels see the same information.

About Technology Group International, Ltd.

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By Haadi