For Rent Media Solutions™ Introduces™-The Magazine to the Connecticut Market

“I am particularly excited about the launch of The Magazine in Connecticut,” says Anita Williams, regional manager for Magazine. “This will be the first statewide launch since the magazine debuted in 2005. We are excited to offer this product to the entire Connecticut market and expect to receive excellent feedback from property managers and apartment seekers.” The Magazine is the newest publication offered by For Rent Media Solutions. This free, monthly magazine offers a variety of apartments for rent in Connecticut. Every apartment listing in this magazine is accompanied by a link to that apartment community’s page on the For Rent website. Apartment seekers can also find The Magazine in Birmingham, Ala., and Nashville, Tenn., as well as Raleigh, Charlotte and the Triad area of North Carolina.

“I am extremely excited to join For Rent Media Solutions and assist with the launch of The Magazine in Connecticut,” says Andrew Harrison, general sales manager for The Magazine in Connecticut. “In my previous position as a property manager, I had the opportunity to advertise with For Rent Media Solutions, using their print and internet combination. I think The Magazine offers a product unlike any product offered in the industry and I am honored to have the opportunity to share that with potential clients.”

The print and internet combination has proven to be beneficial to The Magazine markets. From January 2006, a month after the arrival of Magazine in Raleigh, N.C., to November 2006, LEADS™ for print and internet advertisers have increased by over 350 percent compared to LEADS of those who use online advertising only.

By Haadi