Furniture to style the modern home

but can’t quite find the right look? Generally those looking for furniture base their decisions on a number of things. Price, quality, uniqueness or durability are some of the main factors. If the price is the main concern then you will have a budget and look for furniture based within your price bracket. If however you are looking for an exclusive piece of furniture then you will want it to be top quality that will last for years to come. So where do you look?

A type of furniture which you may over look is rattan furniture or cane furniture. When thinking of cane furniture you might have an idea in your mind of some old rocking chair your grandparents have in their conservatory. Well you need to think again as cane furniture has evolved and there are some seriously stylish and unique items available. Cane furniture is made to last for years to come and some pieces are so durable you can leave them outside in all weather and they will still look beautiful year after year. The price for quality rattan furniture may not be cheap but what you get is exclusive furniture that you won’t find in many homes across the country. You will have a very comfortable living suite of dining suite that will really make your room stand out from others.

The colour of cane furniture which is available has also evolved. No longer are you stuck with the antique pine type of colour, you can now get items in black, java brown and red. You can still get the original can colour but there are also different variations like tobacco wash which is a darker version of antique pine. You can also get custom made cushions in any colour and shade of the rainbow. So if you want a black living suite with bright red or blue cushions this is now possible. You may have to wait as designer cane is back in fashion and it is flying of the designers shelves.

By Haadi