Give Me 5 Days and You’ll Turn Your Sales Around.

I’ve been training sales representatives in products, services and sales skills since 1977. In each instance, the primary objective was to give the representative confidence in themselves, their abilities, and their offerings so they could serve their customers well. Our sales role is really very simple, make it easy for the customer to buy from us.

You’re offering the best possible solution for their needs. You are the right person doing the right thing at the right time. Your customer will appreciate you selling them your products and will reward you with even more orders…….so long as we focus on our number one goal. To build sales confidence and prepare ourselves for customer contacts, it’s important to first set goals and to learn to manage our time wisely. Why? Goal setting is the strongest form of self-motivation known.

The high achievers of society are always knowledgeable goal setters. Goals allow us to channel our energy on specific targets. Whatever we want to do or be, we begin by setting goals.

Before the 20th century, life’s goals were simple. “Survival!” However, in our society today, existence is insured to some degree. What remains is our choice to make the most of our existence. We have the luxury of planning our lives, achieving our desires and changing what we don’t like. Just s we intentionally follow physical exercise plan for health, we can set goals as part of our mental growth plan. Remember the Bob Dylan lyrics (from the 70’s & 80’s), ‘He who ain’t busying being born, is busy dying.” We are the only life forms on this planet with the privilege to take chare of our lives, to modify our environments and to achieve our ultimate.

Yale University conducted a study of their graduating classes and found that 3% of all graduates had written goals. Twenty years later, it was found that, in financial terms, that that 3% was worth more than the other 97%. Goal setting, although money is not its primary objective, can reward us financially.

By Haadi