Green Vehicles Explained

If you own a car, I am sure you would agree with me when I say that “a car is the most convenient mode of transportation.” All vehicles that facilitate transportation of people and materials from one point to another make our life easier. In fact, if it weren’t for the availability of vehicles, traveling distances would have been quite a pain. But as is the case with everything that makes our life easier, there is always a price to pay. In case of vehicles, we not only pay when we buy them or use them but we also pay for their existence.

There are an estimated 800 million on-road vehicles in the world today. If we consider the amount of fuel needed to run them and the amount of exhaust produced by running them, we are looking at a colossal figure that is chewing up our planet in two ways. Not only are we depleting natural resources in the search for new fossil fuel reserves but we are also producing tons of vehicular exhaust to pollute the environment. It is a double edged sword that is slicing-up the future of mankind on Earth.

The ill effects of environmental pollution are already posing a threat. I am sure you would already be familiar with terms like Global Warming.

Man realized the hazards of vehicular exhausts long ago and numerous efforts have been made ever since with a view to curtail this menace. Unfortunately, not many substantial breakthroughs have been achieved in this regard even though research has always been in full swing. These efforts are aimed at finding alternative fuels, reducing vehicle emissions and using environment-friendly materials to manufacture vehicles.

By Haadi