Google has about 3,010,000 results of above Topic for which it takes about 0.09 seconds. This figure clearly shows the huge database contents and importance of Guaranteed SEO in the world of Internet marketing these days. There are innumerable web-pages containing the above Keyword. There are indeed many companies and organizations that provide Guaranteed Search Indeed Optimization for your web-Page.

Majorly we may see following Punch lines of these companies. Some say “100% money back guaranteed SEO”, some say “Guaranteed Results” some use the Punch line “Guaranteed Optimization of your web-page” some also say “We guarantee first page ranking with your keywords” “100% Money Back” and many more. These companies lay stress that they have a proven track of record with number of websites successfully optimized and achieved top spots for many of them. They not only show confidence in their ethics and process to deliver the SEO results but also guarantee their clients money back further promise to return the money without Any Excuses, Paper Work, Delays.

Guaranteed SEO Services – Compare

These companies claim that they are one of the best and very transparent SEO Services provider with the guarantee policy. They understand the value of the prospects money and thus claims to provide the safety umbrella to their customers so that they feel safe while working with them. As far as features, guaranteed coverage, refund, refund time and Terms and conditions are concerned these companies always term their policies and features to be better than other competitors. These companies provide a Guarantee starting at $125 P.M as against the competitors offering Guarantee at $500. They provede50% guaranteed coverage on first page of Google while the competitors provide 40%. They claim to refund 100% as against competitors from 50-60% with transparent Terms of refund within 7 days as against competitors Hidden Guarantee Terms with 1 week to 4 week.

By Haadi