How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography has evolved past the still glamour photographs and nowadays couples prefer more candid shots that focus on the underlying story or events of the day. A combination of both photo journalist photography and posed photographs is most popular with couples. Brides and grooms want the true emotions of the day to be captured without direction from the photographer as well as having photographs that they can frame and give out as gifts.

Many couples want to capture the reality, romance and events of the wedding day but at the same time have a little fantasy with regard to the way the look. So a large segment brides and grooms prefer a more fashionable style of wedding photography. In fashionable style of wedding photography the focus to make the couple look their best at all times. Everyday couples are made to look like models. Part of this style of photograph is made by the camera and the other part requires the photographer to do some digital editing to enhance the shot. Good photographers will edit photographs before providing you with the final proofs.

When choosing your wedding photographer make sure you ask to seegraduation photographer their portfolio. Insist on looking at a complete wedding to ensure that their work is consistent and that they aren’t just showing you 20 – 30 of the best shots. If they are a good photographer they will be confident enough to show you a broad sample of their work. When going through a studio ensure you ask to see a sample of the photographer that will be attending your weddings portfolio. You may also want to suggest a meeting in advance to ensure that they have the same philosophy or ethos as you for your wedding day photography. Also the personality of the photographer plays an important role on the day. You want to photographer to be professional on the day and to not encroach on the guest’s experience. They should be around but yet out of the way. If you choose the wrong photographer, your family and guests may feel excluded from the action. You also want a wedding photographer that has good communication skills. They need to be able to provide direction without being controlling and overbearing. The wedding photographer should fit in on your day and you and your guests should not even notice that they are there. It is important that they dress and look professional.

Before hiring a wedding photographer make sure that all your questions are answered. It is important that you are comfortable with them and that they understand the look that you are trying to achieve for your wedding day photos. Do not compromise on what you truly want. Once you find the perfect photographer for you, enjoy your day and beautiful wedding photos.

By Haadi