How to spot a fake psychic

If you are a true psychic or very into psychic things you will know that readings are a very important part of your life. But you also need to know how to be sure that the reading is genuine and worth having. For a really good cheap psychic email reading online you still need to be sure it is accurate, even if it is cheap. For those who are not into the psychic stuff so much and prefer more down to earth answers to their questions then consult someone such as ask agony aunts online for terrific advice columnist advice instead.

A lot of people think they are clever enough to spot them simply by being in the same room with one and watching them. But no it takes more than that. Most of the people I’ve spoken to think that any woman or man who says they are psychic is one – very naive. But there are also people who believe that everyone who claims to be one is not one because they are all fakes or deluded. The truth lies somewhere in between. Where the person who is having the reading with the psychic has to believe them up to a point and not simply because it suits them. The more the psychic charges the more likely they are to be a fake. Remember that. But I’ve come across a lot of sad deluded people who insist they are true psychics when they are not – and who do not charge at all or charge very little. This is because they are doing it for an ego boost rather than for money or they are so short of money they are scared to ask for more. Not because they are genuinely definitely gifted psychics!

What else do you need to know regarding how to spot a fake psychic? There are ways a true psychic can get confirmed. Such as asking a proper body of experts to check them out. This is something they do very well,How to spot a fake psychic Articles far better than an amateur. Most amateurs tend to say that anyone who flatters them or tells them what they want to hear must be good…. ” she was so accurate, she told me about how intelligent and wise I am, and how many do not understand me”. Really?!!!! Another one – she was so accurate, she saw he would leave his wife and marry me. Five years later this lady was still waiting for this to happen.

You see some people are naive and will believe anything that sounds good. An expert knows better than that and is not swayed by flattery or positive messages.

You may find that there are people out there who claim to be tarot card readers simply because they bought a pack of cards and can shuffle them and lay them out on the table while they tut as in a knowledgeable way. But this does not mean they studied the cards and really understand them or that they have any psychic abilities.

How to spot a fake psychic.

By Haadi