Internet Based Home Business And The Law Of Attraction, A1

The first question you may ask about the title of this article is,Internet Based Home Business And The Law Of Attraction, A1 Articles “What in the world does the Law of Attraction have to do with an internet based home business”? There are probably other questions you would ask as well and I will most likely write other articles to express an opinion on the response. But to get back to this question and my response.

Most people start a home based internet business to either supplement their monthly income or to build an income so they can retire from their, 8 to 5, job and spend more quality time with their families. Also, most people have basic beliefs about themselves that, in most cases, will cause them to sabotage their success at reaching their goals. They do this in many different ways. I can’t go into all of them in one article so I will just cover one that you may think are elementary.

The first way people sabotage themselves is to say “I don’t need to set specific goals.” That statement is very true if you plan NOT to succeed. To be successful in any endeavor you have to have goals. You have to have immediate goals (what to do today to improve my business), monthly goals (what I believe I can accomplish toward my quarterly goals), quarterly goals (what I believe I will accomplish toward my yearly goals), yearly goals (what I believe…), 3 year goals (what I…), 5 year goals (…), 10 year goals, and so on.

I know this seams very simplistic to a lot of people but it is one of the major blocks in the success of start up internet marketing businesses. Let’s look at a couple of these in a little more detail.

1-Immeadiate goals: What do I plan to do on a daily basis to increase traffic to my web site? How many articles do I plan to write this week? How much time I will I spend each day in forums? How many blogs will I publish this week? How much time will I spend each day increasing my education and how will I prioritize the knowledge I need to gain to be successful? These are only a few of the things you need to consider on your immediate goals. I am sure if you take a few minutes you can come up with several more.

2-Monthly goals-What do I plan to do to increase optimization of my web site this month? How much money can I allot to advertising for the month? Where will I use my advertising allowance? What adds will I use based on the type of advertising I will be doing? How will I track the effectiveness of my adds? These are just a few of the things you need to consider each month to increase you traffic and cost per customer ratio.

3-Quarterly goals-What is my targeted increase in customer base, quarterly profits, optin increase, etc? These are things you need to have defined based on the actions you are taking so you can have a gage to determine if your campaigns are working.

4-Yearly goals-What net monthly profit do you believe you can accomplish in the last month of the year? What number of optin subscribers do you believe you will have by the end of the year? How many, how much, from where are all questions you should have ask and have projected numbers for by the end of the year.

By Haadi