Liver Cancer Bucks the Trend: Death Rates Are on the Rise

Liver cancer claimed about 13-thousand lives in the United States about ten years ago. Since then, deaths from liver cancer have shot up almost 40 percent. The American Liver Foundation says liver cancer deaths will soon reach 19-thousand a year, and the rate is expected to continue to climb as Americans abuse their livers in a variety of ways.

Liver cancer is often preceded by other liver conditions, especially fatty liver disease and cirrhosis. These conditions usually result from drinking too much alcohol (cirrhosis), and by eating too many foods that are not, in the long run, liver friendly (fatty liver disease).

And cases of hepatitis, a viral infection that attacks the liver, are on the increase too. In cases of cirrhosis, which is usually brought on by overuse of alcohol, the liver becomes scarred. The scar tissue starts replacing healthy liver tissue. When the liver is scarred, the liver tissue becomes harder and the liver doesn’t function as it should.

Cirrhosis can also be caused by hepatitis. Hepatitis C, is now the fourth-leading cause of deaths related to liver cancer in the United States. More than 4 million Americans have been infected with hepatitis C, and about 1.5 million have been infected with hepatitis B. A vaccine is available to protect against the hep

By Haadi