New Vauxhall pop art competition!

Vauxhall have recently announced they had great success throughout the last 10 months during the government scrappage scheme, selling around 25000 vehicles as part of the scheme. Now the scrappage scheme has come to an end it appears Vauxhall are pulling out all the stops for their TV advert in the hope to continue recent success! Vauxhall have always been creative where TV commercials are concerned with their C’MON ads that aimed to “put the fun back into driving”

Now their aiming to “put the Pop Art into driving” Vauxhall have taken it a step further with their latest ad campaign, launching a competition offering the winner the chance to appear on the galley wall of the forthcoming pop art inspired Corsa TV commercial!

The advert should aim to have similar success as the previous Corsa pop art commercial which aired in February 2010.

The clever campaign titled pop art idol is being run via facebook using a facebook ap it allows you to upload your own image and pop art it up! With 6 different steps in which you can edit the look of your image, add speech bubbles and even add sound effects!

Five runners up will each be awarded with a 2 foot square canvas print of their pop art image to be displayed proudly at home!

Vauxhall never fall short of making an interesting campaign and have once again created massive interest in this new TV commercial!

By Haadi