Planning a Memorial Day weekend trip? Here’s how to find the perfect pet sitter

that meets all the needs of your dog or cat.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider looking for pet sitting in Charlotte:

Interaction: Dogs and cats can get lonely when left by themselves for several days at a time. Having a pet sitter stop by your house guarantees that your pet will have some form of interaction to break up the time spent alone.

Exercise: With no one around, your pet will be likely to sleep or lie around for the majority of the day. A pet sitter can provide walks or play time to keep your pet active and, as a result, happy.

Peace of mind: You don’t have to leave town worried what might happen to your house or your pet while you’re gone. Your pet’s diet and routine can continue uninterrupted and you won’t have to wonder if your neighbor remembered to stop by the house and feed your pet.

To make sure your pet enjoys all of these benefits, look for the following when you search for pet sitting in Charlotte:

Experience: Anyone who is going to be taking care of your dog or cat should have plenty of prior experience working with animals. Certifications in areas such as behavior training are a major plus, as they ensure that your pet sitter will be able to handle any situation that might arise.

References: Before choosing a sitter, ask for references or testimonials. Someone who is experienced in pet sitting will be able to provide positive feedback from previous clients.

Insurance: Make sure that the sitter you choose is insured for insured to cover three things: care, custody, and control of your animal.

Training services: As a bonus, some people offer obedience training in addition to pet sitting. Your dog can learn new skills and behavioral improvements from a trainer who is already familiar. Paws & Whiskers pet sitting company provides canine training sessions in addition to pet sitting.

Someone who offers pet sitting in Charlotte will likely set up an initial consultation to meet your pet and ask questions about your animal’s needs, habits, and schedule. This consultation is important for you as well. Make sure that you feel comfortable leaving your pet in this person’s care. A good pet sitter should take notes and make an effort to learn about all of the details regarding your pet.

Relax and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend knowing that your pet will be safe, happy, and entertained while you are away. Let Paws & Whiskers pet sitting company provide the care and companionship that your dog or cat needs.

By Haadi