The PC playground is full of components, all vying for the title of the most important part of your rig. Everybody has a different opinion; for some it’s the processor, all that maths squeezed into a tiny bit of silicon; for others it’s the graphics card, boards designed specifically to throw pixels about your panel like plates at a Greek wedding. But where would either of those supermodels of the component world be without a compatible motherboard backing them up? Nowhere. And that’s where your PC will end up without a decent power supply keeping the whole lot juiced to the gunnels.

If you make a really bad choice of PSU, your entire rig may end up a smoldering heap at the e-waste recycling point of your local Pikitup. Cascade effects from faulty, or even from just under-powering supplies, can have unpleasant repercussions on the rest of the components making their home in your PC.

Repercussions such as turning your precious $1 000 pixel-pusher into so much molten slag…

Choosing the PSU is then an important part of the PC-building experience, so in this article we’ll make that choice a bit easier for you. Will you need a monolithic supply to keep that multi-GPU, desktop giant in check? Or can you make do with something a little more conservative?

By Haadi