Storm Guard Roofing of Colorado Springs

Seasonal changes and the annual temperature fluctuations in Brisbane, Australia play havoc with the roofs, whether these are made of cement tiles, terracotta or metal. Once the roof deteriorates or fades, you have to bear the embarrassment of a not-so-presentable roof.

If you are at your wits’ end regarding constant leaks, noise and repairs of our roof and reside in or around Brisbane, then you are certainly in luck. Roof restorations in Brisbane are talked about in roof repair circles in glowing terms.

There are many leading roof specialists, experienced in using all kinds of roofing materials that can withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions. They are capable of turning your faded or poorly maintained roof into a sparkling new one simply by restoring it.

There are certain steps that roof restorations Brisbane takes to give your roof a fresh appearance. Let us see what they are:

Roof inspection
The first step of Brisbane roof restorers is to inspect your roof in detail to identify loose and broken tiles, and infestation of moss and lichen and other damages. Most roof restorers offer a complimentary 33-point roof inspection and recommend the best course of action.

Roof cleaning
The next step is to clean the roof thoroughly. This aspect just cannot be ignored, since dirty roof can deteriorate the condition of your tiles, leading to expensive repair and restoration. Cleaning removes dirt, moss, lichen and algae by subjecting the roof to high pressure cleaning.

Ridge capping
Caps that require re-bedding are Brisbane restorers’ specialty. They properly join any loose tiles and provide full repointing to protect them from dislodging and leaking.

Element protection
Roof restorations Brisbane involves rinsing of roof and guttering. After it is thoroughly cleaned, a coating of Mouldrid anti-fungal biocide is applied to inhibit the growth of this mold.

Final roof coatings
In the final step, the roof restorers apply a coat of Primabond to stabilize the roof surface. This is followed by a final reinforcement by a coating of protective roof membrane. This ensures maximum durability and long-term weatherproofing.

The Brisbane roof restorations are as effective for all kinds of roofs. Let us see how they go about it:

Cement tile roof restoration

Restoring a cement tile roof invariably transforms the appearance of an existing roof. It not only gives it a good look, but also helps to reflect the heat away. What makes the cement tile roof restoration effective is the use of a combination of the Shield System and Supablock paint that wards of heat, thereby reducing your energy usage in cooling your house.

Terracotta tile restoration

Terracotta, the original roof material, looks spectacular when new or well maintained, but starts looking unsightly when it is infested with moss or has become soft. Terracotta has a tendency to retain moisture that attracts all kinds of vegetation, such as moss, lichens and algae. The Brisbane roof restorers offer a range of roof tile maintenance and repair services.

By Haadi