Surprising Facts about WordPress

Did you know that 24 new posts are added to WordPress blogs every second?

WordPress makes creating a blog or website a breeze and offers thousands of awesome features for content sharing and reader engagement. No wonder that WordPress is the favourite platform for businesses and professional website design Manchester agencies.

You may very well know WordPress as one of the most popular blog or website platforms. You might even be using one already.

But, there are several facts that would make you stop and think about just how wonderful WordPress is!

WordPress is 13+ Years Old

WordPress was introduced to the world by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg in 2003. In over a decade, WordPress has reached several millions of people worldwide. There are many businesses that owe their online presence to WordPress alone. Several thousands of people rely on the platform to earn money.

In fact, 27% of websites on the Internet are built on this amazing platform (Source: Torque). With the number of websites running into billions, a usage statistic of 27% puts WordPress at the top of the league.

WordPress Foundation is the Owner of WordPress Trademark

Rights to the popular trademark are owned and supervised by the WordPress Foundation. This organisation has been supporting since 2010.

WordPress Websites Enjoy 22+ Billion Page Views every Month

For 2016, WordPress blogs have attracted 22.17 billion page views on a monthly basis (Source: Torque). This statistic is a combined average of all page views that the WordPress sites have received.

WordPress Offers 47,000 + Plugins

Plugins make life easy for WordPress users. You can have almost any feature on your website by installing respective plugins. Plugins enable businesses to maximise their website performance and deliver best user experiences.

By Haadi