the creative process

Time ago some friends and business related people I know told me that It would be a good idea to write technical letters on the subjects I know (mostly by every day working challenges) to help other people on their needs given them tips and information.

The point was: “I do not have the time to do this ! “. So the years have passed out…I’m my own boss…so I (like a boss) said to me (as the employed of myself that I am) “Mario, got a job for you…sit down at your desktop and do not move your ass from that chair until a nice first technical letter is cooked out of the oven. No matter the theme or subject 😉 I know you’re good for choosing the thing…”

So ….as my boss asked me: “I’m sitted here until this letter be done and published”. Let’s go to the subject that I’ve choosen to be the first:
2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

AD Banners: The Creative Process
If you, like I do, are a webmaster, web designer or your job is somehow related to advertising and promoting goods or services on Internet, may be that you need to create your own AD Banners ( or at least have to get the idea of what the hell you want showed on that banner to explain to the person that will perform the hard job). Of course you can always go the alternative way that is: call a well known Design Company, pay a fortune or a half and let them perform the whole job while you rest in a park, looking the clouds and the sky for a couple days until your banner is ready.

If you think this last alternative fits you ok, quit reading this e-zine and contact artandata. Hahaha just teasing !

If you’re still here I need to explain (the best I can) how I and my collaborators walk (sometimes run and others climb) the Creative Process:

First, you’ve got the problem to be solved, becouse without a need for an AD Banner you probably won’t be much interested on this tutorial.

So, you’ve got a problem…but also you’ve got ( or you can research for ) a lot of information that can trigger your creativity.

Better than words are examples so I’ll explain on a real case study:

“…my site offers courses on design but most people told me that they can’t find the information on those courses in the site. How can I solve this problem…can you help me ? …”

By Haadi