The Four Human Factors That Cause Driving Accidents at Work

Driving accidents kill 30,000 and injure a million people every year and many of these accidents occur on the job. There are four main factors that cause most accidents. By focusing on these factors and minimizing the risks associated with them, you can greatly decrease the likelihood that you will be involved with an accident at work.


The first factor is distraction. Distraction could be reading a map, eating or talking on the phone. All of these things should only be done when you are pulled off the road and in a safe location. Talking on the phone has become one of the top factors in driving accidents and many communities have now made it illegal. Even worse is texting which is in the process of being made illegal almost everywhere. Make sure that you map your route before you get in the car with a GPS or in your mind. If you have to look at a map, pull over every time. Eating takes your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel. Avoid eating as well.


Stress, frustration and anger combined with the operation of a motor vehicle is extremely dangerous. You can’t completely control your emotions at all times, but if you are feeling stress or anger pull over and relax for a minute or take deep breaths. Never gesture, honk or yell in frustration. Road rage assaults or murders can be avoided by keeping your cool. Venting your frustration could set off another driver.


Many people who drive at work experience fatigue. Long hours of concentrating on the road can be very difficult and tiring. If you are feeling drowsy roll down your window or turn on the radio. If the drowsiness persists, pull over and walk for a few minutes. It’s far better to be a little late than in an accident.


This one seems like a no-brainer these days but alcohol is involved in 50% of driving accidents. If you drink and drive at work you are putting other people’s lives in danger and running the risk of losing your job, your life and your liberty. Even one drink at work is not worth it and is not tolerated by any company.

By Haadi