Top 3 Uses for Clear Plastic Containers in Retail Stores

As the owner or manager of any kind of retail store, you’re undoubtedly familiar with clear plastic containers. Because of their convenience, durability, versatility, and numerous different sizes, shapes, and styles, these bins are perfect for creating displays, storing merchandise and other tools, and organizing your work areas!

1. Display

Folks in the retail industry love clear plastic containers as fixtures because they are extremely durable and safer than their glass counterparts, they’re lightweight and versatile, and they’re available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You’d be hard-pressed to find any kind of small merchandise that COULDN’T be displayed in one of these containers! Plus, because they’re see-through, they allow employees and customers alike to see what’s inside.

NOTE: Once you’re finished with your display bins – say, you’re ready to create a new display that requires different kinds of fixtures or you’ve used your bins for so long they’re starting to get a little rough around the edges – you can reuse and recycle them as storage bins or organization bins (see below).

2. Storage

Clear plastic containers are excellent storage tools for the same reasons they’re excellent display tools: they’re durable, they’re available in numerous sizes, and they’re clear which makes it easy for you and your employees to easily see what they’re looking for.

You and your employees can use clear bins to store anything from small merchandise not yet ready for display to small display tools and accessories like clearance and sale stickers, markers, tags, hooks, and tacks.

NOTE: You can get even more mileage out of your clear plastic containers when you recycle and reuse them. Instead of ordering new containers for storage, why not use your old display containers? Once your display bins have served their purpose, you’re in the market for new ones, or the ones you currently have are looking weathered, transfer them to your store’s storage or stock room and use them to store items!

3. Organization

You might think that storage and organization go hand-in-hand, and sometimes, they do; however, when you’re organizing something it doesn’t always mean that you’re also storing it.

For example, many retail establishments have shelves under their checkout counters that allow associates to keep items they might need on the fly. Markers, extra sales or discount stickers, paperclips or staples – these are the kinds of things clear plastic containers can help associates keep organized and easily accessible.

Another example for using clear plastic containers as organizational tools in retail stores is the manager’s office. Like anyone else’s office, the managers and assistant managers of retail stores have plenty of items in their offices that need to be organized. Writing utensils, extra stables and paperclips, sticky notepads, erasers, tacks, and other small items are all the kinds of items mangers and assistant managers can organize in these containers.

NOTE: Just like you can reuse your old display bins as storage bins, you can also use them as organization bins. Reusing and recycling your old bins is a great way to save money!

By Haadi