Two Honda Bikes under

If you’re trying to know what makes this bike different to look, the first biggest change is the rs gets a 17-inch rear wheel compared to an 18-inch wheel on the highness, Honda CB350rs also gets more chunky tires Called the MRF curves beyond that honda’s tried to take a more scrambler approach to the design. and the exhaust is swept up at a slightly different angle, the ground clearance has actually gone up by 2 mm and the curb weight is actually reduced by two kilos and that’s because


Honda has moved the plastic for the two fenders that are a big weight saving. there are other elements around the bike that look a little different from the highness and you will quite like that there’s more matte black all over the bike replacing a lot of the chrome on the bike and it makes the rs look like a more cohesive design because there are fewer finishes visible across the bike other small changes come in this nice seat over here it’s got a rib design seat height is still 800 mm and the seat length is also the same as on the highness.

By Haadi