What Is an Electrical Home Inspection and Why Is It Important?

An electrical home inspection is a mandatory component of a home or building inspection report, due to the serious nature of the hazards that can be caused by such faults. An experienced inspector will check many aspects of the electrical system during a home or building inspection in Sydney, including the following:

Checking whether the minimum requirements according to the law and regulations are met, in order to prevent dangerous hazards.
Checking the meter for defects or damages, and even such things as rust and water accumulation.
Checking for unprotected or exposed wires, damaged wiring and whether the wires used are of the correct type. This inspection will be done for both the interior and exterior areas of the property.
Checking the electrical panel to ensure the breakers are of the correct size and that there are no damaged, faulty or corroded breakers. They will ensure that there is no possible chance that the breakers could get overloaded or overheated.
Checking the junction boxes to ensure they are located in visible areas and that they have covers.
Ensuring that the ground fault circuit interrupters are wired properly and are in working order.
Checking on all power outlets to ensure there is no faulty or exposed wiring and that they are fitted securely.
The entire wiring system will be checked for proper grounding with the circuit panel.

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If the inspector’s report indicates any defect or fault with any of the above checks during a home inspection in Sydney or elsewhere, an experienced electrical engineer will need to be called to rectify the issues. While damaged or faulty sockets are minor repairs, other matters such as issues with the circuit panel or ground wiring can be both costly and complicated.

Such repairs are not something that you want to face after buying a new home, which is why getting an inspection done prior to purchasing is best. In this way you can request the seller to do the necessary repairs and rectifications, and ensure that you are purchasing a safe home for your family.

By Haadi