Why businesses would benefit from IP CCTV?

This is also known as IP Surveillance. IP CCTV is usually a system of surveillance units hooked up to one network which permits businesses to monitor all areas of their property.

The IP CCTV system allows both large or small businesses to transmit images of their premises and save them on an internet connection.

There are many advantages to having IP CCTV fitted compared to regular CCTV. Easy to manage and install, minimal cabling is required and the images produced are cheap to store. Unlike normal CCTV networks IP CCTV allows businesses to quickly and efficiently change images into data instead as this can be quickly transferred via a network. Once on the network, the images can be accessed via a data centre where they can be analysed.

This type of security setup can also be changed to work with existing systems, meaning that you will not have to undergo large changes to your current system to experience the benefits of CCTV. When it comes to using the system often IP CCTV offers far more flexibility when it comes to viewing footage, along with higher resolution when compared to analogue CCTV systems.

The technology of CCTV over IP effectively means that businesses don’t need to spend hours looking through footage and images because they have more control over the original footage from the very beginning – each single camera has its own IP number so it’s easy to cross reference images from a single date and time. All of the data images which have been recorded are saved onto one network only, it’s simply a matter of searching for specific frames and images from key dates.

By Haadi