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These Climbing Mount Kenya adventure safari itineraries are a guide that may change based on travel group choices, weather, road or political conditions and changes.

All Mount Kenya Climbing Safari prices and local payments are subject to change.

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Mount Kenya Climbing Itineraries.

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Mountain Adventures:

Looking for something different in Kenya or Tanzania? Come with us to the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Nakuru and The Great Lakes, Samburu or Take an Adventure Trek Mt Kenya in Nyeri Kenya on the highlands where it’s more rural, and the clear air reveals amazing landscapes, small villages, a large number of fascinating ethnic minority groups…and it’s quieter. From the Villages in the high mountains near Narumoru to the Mountain Forest and steep coffee and tea terraces to the jungles in the south near the flowing Abadere rages scenery that never fail to impress and amaze you. Contact us for itineraries or custom tours see below here.

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