Your home inspection and the franchise home inspection operator.

I had a prospective client call me the other day regarding a home inspection in the Orillia area I serve. I quickly discovered that even after many years of doing this type of work some questions can still take me by surprise. Her question to me was how was I better than a local national franchise operator. Well I know about the 600 hours of home inspection specific education I have, and I know I have over 40 years in building construction and renovation, but, I was unable to answer because I had no Idea what requirements a franchise operator had to meet training wise to become a home Inspector. I decided after I got off the phone to find out. I was in for a shock.

I began as so many of us do nowadays by beginning a web search. Typing a request into a search engine for home inspection franchises I came up with several to choose from and so as to be fair I chose one from each of the first five pages to look at. In no special order there was Lighthouse Home Inspections, Global Property Inspections™, Pillar to Post home Franchises and your Home Inspector

inspection, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, and AmeriSpec of Canada. I went to the official home page for each and delved into the individual web sited to see if I could find out how much home inspection specific training they offered and what, if any, outside training or experience they required for their home inspectors.

On Lighthouse home inspections franchise page I find this statement. Lighthouse is looking for business minded, focused and motivated people to join the team. Though a background in the home industry is helpful, it is not mandatory. Wow, no experience, background or outside training necessary. Then I read on a little further to find “ Our field training includes several mock inspections and attendance at various homes, so you will be experienced from the moment you start your business. Then further into the site I find this statement: The Lighthouse Home inspection training course provides both in-class and extensive field training, including technical, customer service, sales, marketing and office management.

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It would seem that the franchise owners believe no experience, no outside training, and no background in building is necessary. It would also seem that they consider ”several mock inspections and attendance at various homes” to be “extensive field training” Shocking, at least to me. I couldn’t believe that this attitude towards minimal training and experience would be shared among other franchise owners though so I went on with the search.

The next franchise I looked at was GPI or Global Property Inspectors where I found this statement: “ Whether you have construction, marketing or sales experience, or you’re just looking for something new in a stable, growing industry, an GPI home inspection franchise is your best choice to benefit from your hard work and determination.” Once again there was no mention of outside training or experience being necessary. They do say “After you’ve completed the Global Property Inspections Business and Inspection Training Academy, we will match you with an experienced professional in the field, giving you up to a week to use the knowledge you’ve learned at the academy while performing real property inspections with another franchise owner. You’ll get hands-on experience performing inspections in the real world.” “ Complete training package with more than 100 hours of education”

By Haadi